Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Daley Wonders

Hi my name is Emma D. Wonders Actually its just Emma D. But I do have A LOT of wonders. I am making a blog to write about all of my wonders so I could know what they all are in the FUTURE.

-I wonder what the Flying Spaghetti Monster looks like
-I wonder how many people ever lived on earth
-I wonder why i have so many wonders
-I wonder who is reading this........Hi peoples!
-I wonder how my book I am reading will end
-I wonder why I have a ? mark on my cheek out of freckles
-I wonder how many goldfish are in a box
-I wonder why my sister is cracking nuts
-I wonder why she got me sickish =(
-I wonder why she is READING OVER MY SHOULDER
-I wonder when she will leave tehehe

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