Wednesday, September 24, 2008

-I wonder why my fave song is Hot N cold by Katy Perry.
-I wonder why I haven't updated my blog in like forever.
-I wonder why the world is so freakin AWESOME and FABULICOUS!
-I wonder if Darian will ever stop being a hostess product.
-I wonder why I have such AWESOME friends.
-I wonder why I always capitalize AWESOME.
-I wonder if I will keep having a good grade in French.
-I wonder if I will sell a lot of magazines got to to order.
-I wonder if the new episode of Bones will be good.
-I wonder who the ANTM season 11 winner will be.
-I wonder if I will have fun at the first school dance on friday.
-I wonder if I will get these really cute getto boots that I like.
-I wonder why I was so lucky to have this Life!
-I wonder why Mr. Fluffy says Hi (\_/)

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